Edelkron Action Module -- Motion Timelapses Made Easy

Spent some time today with the absolutely lovely Edelkron Action Module and I was blown away!

Let me back up. Like all of us, I've been obsessed with motion time-lapses since I saw the intro to the Netflix series House of Cards. It adds a fantastic level to the tried and true transitional shot: the time-lapse. Can't afford a helicopter? No problem - time-lapse. Not enough budget for a drone? It's okay -- we'll shoot a time-lapse.  The whole thing was starting to feel a bit stale to me (I get bored fast). 

Enter motion time-lapse rigs. These rigs are tricky and use many small parts that have a tendency to break down, get lost, or simply fail if your camera is two ounces heavier then the motion rig's spec.  Not this Edelkron ProSliderV2 though. The slider itself feels like a tank and adding the action module to one side of the slider is extremely intuitive. 

The module simply attaches to one side of the slider and you have several modes to click through. My primary concern though was the "Photo Timelapse" mode. The module screen asks you several simple questions such as: "How long are you here for?" and "What FPS are you shooting at?". You answer using the single button joystick-style device and you are off to the races. 

This is a compact device that I can take anywhere (fits in checked luggage easily) and be setup, camera and all, in under five minutes. 

For those of you familiar with the One Man Band parabolic slider device from Redrock I did want to turn the action module into a floating B-camera slider that I didn't have to operate. No such luck there. The motor is simply too loud and would interfere with the audio of any interview. This is a bummer, but I have no doubt Edelkron is working on a more audio capture friendly motor as we speak. In the meantime, I'm going down to the beach to shoot some motion time-lapses for no good reason.