C300 MK II Announced!

The Canon C300, the documentary workhorse camera for me and many others has a new iteration coming out in September of this year! This is big news because chances are you've seen something shot on this camera. Features like Blue is the Warmest Color and the majority of Vice on HBO has been shot on the C300. 

I love the C300 because it really is a pick it up and shoot camera. The ergonomics are just lovely and nothing beats the built in ND filters.  I'm also a big believer in the Canon 1DC, C100 and C500 -- though nothing quite beats the C300 in the Canon cinema lineup, though the 1DC really is the camera I reach for most for ease of use and results. 

Looking at the MK II, the big standout features are the 4K and 15 stops of dynamic range. They've also made the usually batch of improvements on the low light front and the cable that connects the body to the handle also seems a bit more robust. Pricing, from Canon, is looking like $20,000, but I'd bet that drops a few grand for the launch. 

The good news is that you can pick up the C300 on B&H now for $6,500 (EF mount). This is the lowest price I've ever seen it at. Or, if you are looking for the 4K, the Canon 1DC is also at an all time low price. 

Note: The C300 MK II requires the Cfast cards right now which are still insanely expensive so make sure to budget that in...

Keep your eyes on NAB for more camera launches in the coming days!